5 Spooky Stories to Tell by the Crackling Campfire or Firepit

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There are still some fun things you can enjoy even from the comfort of your own RV site. I think we all enjoy some good stories around the campfire from time to time, funny stories, or perhaps scary campfire stories.

No camping trip is complete without a campfire. There are two things who must absolutely be present while huddled around a campfire. Smores and scary campfire stories. Here I have listed my favorite top 5 stories for the whole family and kids.

You are reading: 5 Spooky Stories to Tell by the Crackling Campfire or Firepit

1.       The Yellow Ribbon

Jenny always wears a yellow ribbon around her neck, and she has never taken it off. Jenny and Johnny fall in love and marry, but Johnny is always curious about the yellow ribbon she never removes. They get older and Jenny becomes ill, he finally discovers the big secret of the yellow ribbon. It completely blows his mind…… and his head.


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2.       The Keyhole

A man checks into a hotel, he is told by the front desk that his floor contains a locked and numberless door. He is also told to avoid the room; however, curiosity gets the better of him. He looks inside the keyhole and sees a woman, very pale, in the corner of the room. The next day he approaches the front desk about the room again, and he finally learns the truth…


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3.       The Vanishing Hitchhiker

A boy and his friend are driving to a school dance one night, when they notice a girl hitchhiking.  They pick her up and she gives them the address to her house. They first take her to the dance and plan on taking her home afterwards. They drive her home and notice she left with a coat one of the boys had let her borrow. They arrive the following day to retrieve the coat only to discover the hitchhiker may not be who she says she is.


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4.       The Cursed Doll

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A little girl with a fascination with dolls stumbles upon a doll shop. She spots a beautiful doll who would be perfect for her collection she has at home. She goes to the clerk only to find who the doll is not for sale. After some convincing, she is able to take the doll for free! But somethings are better left behind.


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5.       The High Beams

A woman drives home alone at night and notices a lone pair of headlights quickly approaching her. The driver follows her down the stretch of deserted highway making her uneasy. He continues behind her flashing his headlights with the woman now panicked trying to get away. When she finally stops and gets out of the car, she realizes things are not always as they may viewm.


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