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Welcome to TOP Machine – the home of the greatest reviews on Tools. How do we know this? Because we’ve spent a long time perfecting our review process, to make sure you get the most informative, non-bias and helpful reviews on your next tools.

Whether you are a Carpenter, or a D.I.Y-er – we’ve got a product for you. Our comparison tables are a quick glance at our favorites on the list, and there is an option for all budgets.

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How Our Products Are Rated

You may be wondering how exactly we review our products, well let us tell you. It all comes down to our review format: Quick, Easy & Informative.

The top 3 products on each page are split into our 3 top picks, so you there is an option for everyone. These are:

  1. Top Pick – good balance of quality, without the hefty price tag – this one is our favorite, and its most often the popular choice.
  2. Premium Choice – this is the best of the best, the creame of the crop, the dogs… well you know what we mean. If you’re looking for the very best/highest quality, this is for you.
  3. Great Value – a popular budget option that has excellent reviews. Great if you are on a tight budget.
  4. For everyone else who likes to see the full range of products we have reviewed, be sure to check out the other 7 products below these.

Also, please note that none of the products rated on the site are paid to be there. We pick and choose products that we feel are the best, based on a host of different factors, including what buyers of the products actually think about them. If you’re a product creator and feel your product should be featured, please contact us.

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Guides for Buyers

Want to know more about what you’re buying? No problem! Each of our reviews has a Buyers Guide, specifically designed to help you understand more about what you’re buying, how to use it and even the History of the product!

We know that when buying online, you need honest information – and reliable products! That’s why we’ve looked all over the net for current buyer reviews, to bring you the most-loved products around!

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Expert Industry Advice

When finding and understanding the top products, we collect information and review the industry experts and super users advice for each aspect of the products before our review process starts.

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Consumer Feedback

Lastly, we look at actual buyer feedback and opinions, from buyers just like you.As we unfortunately cannot time-travel yet, the next best thing is to speak to consumers who’ve purchased the product already and have many months to years of experience using it. By being able to analyze real customer feedback, we’re able to spot patterns in the quality and performance of each item. This helps us to give our readers pros and cons, prior to them purchasing.

Our Team

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